New Year, New resolutions

It's been just a few weeks since we opened our doors at 331 Walnut Street in Newtonville, but it feels like we have been part of the Neighborhood for much longer already!

We fit right in: With Bella Boutique and Nail It right around the corner, the neighborhood has a lot to offer for our discerning Newton clientele! If you want to get glammed, Newtonville is now the place to go: You will find the best Newton has to offer in hair style, make up, beauty treatments, and nails within a block of Hairflo.

In the last few weeks, we've been thrilled to welcome some of Bill's and Regina's best customers and a lot of new faces to our new boutique hair salon. Nina has joined the team and is already making an impression with our new customers. We could not be happier about the feedback we have received, and we are starting to get great reviews on facebook and yelp from old and new customers.

Our talented team of stylists is excited by our new organic hair color and product line: Organic Colour Systems. Yes, Color with a u, because this product line comes to us right from across the Atlantic, more precisely the British Isles. The United Kingdom has been one of the early adopters of organic color after the terrible incident that took the life of Mrs McCabe in 2011, and their color system is probably the best there is.

We started Hairflo with the goal to create a unique environment to make it super convenient to keep up with your style and with the success of our blowdry packages, we will be launching soon some exciting new offerings unmatched in the industry: Think Netflix for your hair!

If you plan to visit us soon, remember that you can get 15% by referring some of your friends. We made it extremely easy to do so. Just go to Frederick , register with your email address and send your unique link to your friends, or even easier, post it on your facebook page. For every friend you refer, you will get 15% off a visit. It is that simple!

We wish you all an Happy New Year, health and success in 2017. And remember...

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